Gaming with the Gang

Sunday, Feb 9

As per usual, we began our day with a trip to Breakfast Republic.  Today I had the avocado toast. Just as yum as the other things I’ve had there.  Rob stuck with his usual bacon and then got a couple donuts at Lucky’s again.  

Unlike the previous days, the weather today called for rain and clouds.  The waves along the beach were much rougher. High tide was only a little ways off, so after we grabbed Rob’s donuts, I added a couple of layers (it was really windy and cold) and headed back to the boardwalk to spend some time watching the waves while the tide came in.  Rob was keen to stay indoors where it was warm. I sat on the cement wall that separates the boardwalk from the sand and just watched the waves crash onto the beach. I probably sat there for 20 minutes. I really enjoyed it! By the time I came back to the house, my glasses were coated in salt spray and my hands were nearly numb.

Our big outing for the day was a board game afternoon at our friend Christine’s house.  We played our all-time favorite game, Agricola, which we used to play quite a lot when we all lived in Boston, but none of us have really played much of lately.  It was such a nice trip down memory lane! Her friends, Lauren and Ron joined us later for a couple more games. We played Terraforming Mars and Bohnanza. It was a good time had by all.  My step count is considerably lower today (only 6500) but it was the perfect day to stay indoors while it rained outside and get some gaming in.

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