Occupied in Oslo

Friday, Oct 25

I got up this morning and saw Ginger off to the airport for her flight home.  It’s just Rob and me for our last two days in Norway. Today is sunny (although also really windy) so we figured we’d best get out there and see some more of the city.  We decided to walk over to Ekebergparken. It is uphill from our place, about a half hour walk to get to the park. There are sculptures and other artwork scattered throughout the park, but it is mostly just a nice hill, covered in trees and paths, that looks down on the city from the east.  Most of the art was not to our taste, but I posted a few shots of some that I found more interesting on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

We had lunch in the flat, then set out to explore the opera house that is located right across a small water inlet from us.  From the other side of the opera house one can walk up massive slanting white marble walkways that eventually form the roof of the opera.  It was pretty cool, but coming down was tough on the knees. From there we walked among a lot of construction and over a temporary looking floating pedestrian bridge to a supermarket to pick up some last minute chocolate that we want to take home. 

On the way back, Rob stopped to feed some ducks, seagulls, pigeons, and white swans in Middelalderparken.  All the birds were interested in what Rob was throwing (Cheerios), but the ducks were the only ones that ate any of it.  I watched as one pigeon picked up a Cheerio, then spit it back out. After a while, and after Rob and I walked down to the other end of the water, all the birds were eating his Cheerios, but then he was out. 

View from Ekebergparken

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