Ambling around Ålesund

Saturday, Oct 12

Today is Ginger’s first day in Norway.  It’s a bit rainy, but we want to make the most of her time here, so we set out to explore Ålesund.  It is famous for its Art Nouveau buildings. There was a widespread fire in the city in early 1904 that ruined nearly everything.  Major support poured in from all around Europe to help Ålesund rebuild. And so they did rebuild, with nearly all the buildings in the downtown area in the Art Nouveau style.  As in Trondheim, many of the buildings are painted pleasing colors that compliment each other and photograph well against the water, even with heavy dreary skies above. There are interesting details in the wrought iron railings, carvings on doors and pillars, and in relief along building facades.  The architecture was interesting, fewer in number than I was expecting. Being a Saturday, there were very few people out and about at just after 10am when we arrived. The rain picked up now and then throughout the day, and so did the number of folks out in the streets.

It was a bit difficult to find a place to eat lunch.  I had been expecting lots of little shops and restaurants, but there were only a few of each.  We managed to find a little cafe in a small mall that served up fiskesuppe (fish soup) for me, kanel snurr for Rob, and a skinke and ost (ham & cheese) croissant sandwich for Ginger.

After lunch we braved the rain to climb up 418 steps to Aksla Viewpoint, one of the mountains heming Ålesund in.  It was a lot of stairs and a long way up, but the view from the top was worth it. From there, we could see out to the peninsula on the island of Godøya where we are staying.  There is a lighthouse right next to our house, which we could just make out from on top of Aksla. The views and pictures of Ålesund taken from partway up were perhaps even better than those from the top.

After descending from the Aksla viewpoint, we wandered around a few more streets.  The rain had finally stopped, which was nice. We never really found much for cute shops, interesting shops.  By late afternoon, we were back in the car heading home. At home, we found that our internet had gone out, so my blog posts may be a bit delayed.

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