Aurora Borealis

Taken with a normal iPhone 8

Tonight, after being in Norway for 1.5 weeks, we saw our first Northern Lights.  And, boy, did they live up to expectations! There was a KP index of 6 last night and the sky was completely clear of clouds.  The first good batch started around 8:00pm. The glow of the sun was still on the horizon, but matched the green color of the Northern Lights.  Because there was still a little bit of light from the sun, I was able to get a couple of photos on my iPhone without any special apps or equipment.  We couldn’t see much movement with these, they seemed stationary. We tried FaceTiming with my parents, but they couldn’t see anything on the video, so that was a bust.  Taking videos by iPhone was also a bust. By the time we finished up with my parents, the lights had mainly faded and we thought the sky was clouding up. We kept checking back until about 9:45 when I went to bed, but they were nothing special.  About 11:00 I noticed that Rob had gotten out of bed, I thought maybe he had gone to the bathroom, but then I heard the click, click of him taking photos. I guessed the Aurora Borealis was back so I hopped out of bed to join him at the great big windows of our cabin.  Sure enough, it was back in force. This time it covered the whole sky. The sun was long gone, so all the light was from the Aurora itself, and what we thought was the sky getting cloudy and obscuring the stars earlier was just a milky background to the Aurora Borealis.  Now, we could see the patterns moving and shifting. They were much better defined. We put our coats and hats back on to step outside so we could see the whole sky. There was a green glow around the entire bowl of mountains that our cabin sits in. Fingers of green reached toward the middle to stir the bowl with slow, fluid motions,  Rob had installed a special app on his phone to help him take better Northern Lights pictures, and it did work. Any that I took later in the night were terrible, but the ones he took pretty much turned out. The second 2 photos he took using this app.

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