Stockholm Stations

Sunday, Sept 15

After sleeping in a bit this morning, and letting the cold rain outside pass, Rob and I set out to complete our tour of the amazing Tunnelbana stations.  Today we stopped at 6 more stations. My favorite was the red and green walls with lots of murals of country-side scenes at Solna Centrum. Some of the best shots are below.

T-Centralen Station

For lunch, we headed back to our neighborhood and checked out Grandens Cafe.  I had a shrimp, egg, and cream cheese “sandwich” which was really just a mound of the aforementioned ingredients on top of a piece of crunchy rustic bread.  Yum! I also had a slice of blueberry pie, again served with custard, though in a runny sauce instead of piped florets like yesterday’s pie. Rob had his standard kannelbullar.  He said this one was really pretty good, so we might go back again tomorrow to get our last dose of kannelbullar. We sat in Granden’s underground vault. We were the only ones down there, so it was cozy and quiet.

Lunch at Grandens Cafe

The weather is extremely windy today.  We are having a siesta back at the flat and we keep hearing dirt or something blow against the window.  It sounds like sleet in winter. The whole flat is sort of creaking in the wind. It doesn’t make me want to go out to do any more exploring.

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