Another Place

While viewing properties with Cathy in the Waterloo area on the north side of Liverpool, we found we were just a 10 min walk from the beach.  As that was our last property to view for the day, we decided to talk a little walk out to the water and check it out.  To our surprise, we discovered a series of iron statues of men looking out to sea.  At the time, the sky was dark and clouds loomed low and heavy above.  A few sprinkles fell.  The statues looked forlorn, like a slow exodus.  From our initial vantage point we couldn’t really tell which were statues and which were people.  That added to the allure.  As we got closer, it turned out that there were more statues than real people.  After further research, there are nearly 100 statues along a 2 mile stretch of beach.  Some are right up at water’s edge in low tide, others far back from most high tides.

I was interested in finding out how the rising and falling tides have affected the statues.  They have been on this beach since 2007.  We saw one directly out from us that had tilted severely to his left.  He was pretty close to the low tide water’s edge.  Another, much further back, was buried to his waist.  Nearly all of them exhibited rust and decay in their faces and legs.  Many of the legs had barnacles and seaweed growing on them.  It seems birds like to rest on their heads, as many had bird droppings dripping down their chests and backs.  It would be interesting to go back at high tide and see many of them just heads or chests above the water.  Unexplained to us, even after reading the Wikipedia article are the round discs at chest and bum.  The installation is called Another Place by Sir Anthony Gormley.

It’s hard to see, but the closest statue is on the left between the dunes. Others are scattered further away

One thought on “Another Place

  1. Charles

    So glad you discovered ‘Another Place’. It’s an extraordinary installation. Enjoy Liverpool and visit Chester if you can!!


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