Day 15, Beach and Birds

Today is our last day for relaxing at the beach.  We started off the morning with another trip to the Lighthouse Bakery for pastries.  When finished, we went over to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary at the east end of the island.  We didn’t see very many birds, but we did see a bunch of turtles. They swam right up to us.  There were both Softshell Turtles (plain brown and with a funny shaped head) and Pond Turtles (more colorful).  After 30 or so minutes walking through the bird sanctuary we were finished and moved on to check out Fort Gaines at the very eastern tip of the island.  I was expecting a ruined fort with not much there, but it was still very much intact, with an entrance fee to match. We have all seen similar forts, so we opted not to pay the fee to go in, just checked out the Civil War plaques near the parking area and one cannon battery that was outside the walls.  

Back at the house, we relaxed for a bit, checking on the progress of the snowstorm currently hitting Minnesota.  For lunch, Mom, Dad, and I went out to the Islanders Restaurant. The food was so so and the atmosphere about the same.  But it was nice to have seafood so near to the sea. After lunch, Rob, Mom, and I walked about 1.5 miles down the beach. The seas are rougher today than they were yesterday, with lots of churning waves, still warm and enjoyable to walk in.  It’s also very windy. We are all a little sunburnt and wind blown. Rob and Mom did some more feeding of hamburger buns to the seagulls. And we saw a couple of larger birds, a heron and a crane (I think).

Just before dinner we watched the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, live.  It was pretty amazing.

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