Day 14, Relaxing at the Beach

It’s time for us to relax at the beach.  Ahhhhh.

We started the day with a short walk along the beach, picking up seashells along the way.  The water is warmer than the Atlantic on most summer days in Massachusetts (which is where the ocean beaches I’m most used to are).  Mom and I walked with our feet in the water. As we were walking back to the house, Rob joined us with a suggestion welcomed by all: a trip to the Lighthouse Bakery for cinnamon rolls and cream cheese Danishes.  

After our pastries, we settled in to relaxing.  After lunch, Mom and I did a bit of shopping. There aren’t many shops on Dauphin Island, we spent only 1 hour, and that included driving time from our end of the island to the “town”.  We did each buy a little trinket from a local artist whose art is all abstract animals that can be found here on the Island.

Later in the day, Rob decided to feed some old bread rolls to the seagulls, right from our deck.  As expected, we suddenly had about 20 seagulls hanging around. They lingered for about 20 min after Rob stopped feeding them, perching on deck posts and squawking their loud squawks.  We took another walk on the beach outside our house, then after dinner drove to the west end of the island, where the houses stop, and walked along the beach some more, just as the sun was setting.

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