Day 10, Picking

We didn’t do much today.  Mostly we helped Mom and Dad “summer-ize” their trailer.  It will sit here, empty, for 9 months through the hot, Texas summer when we leave tomorrow.  So there is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. One task assigned to Rob and me was to pick all the remaining grapefruit from two trees in their yard.  If you don’t pick and throw out all the grapefruit, they will rot either on the tree or on the ground and breed lots of flies and other nastiness. Dad has a fruit picker on a stick that we could use for most of the fruit.  It is an extendable pole with a grapefruit-sized basket on the end. One side of the basket has tines that extend out and bend in, so you can kind of grab the fruit with them, twist, and get the fruit to drop in to the basket.  But, the picker couldn’t reach all the fruit, so Rob had to climb up into the tree to get some. His arms sport several new scratches from little barbs that protrude from the branches. My job was to duck under the branches and collect the grapefruit from the ground, while dodging those that Rob was still dropping from the tree.  In all, we picked 3x 5-gallon pails of past-their-prime grapefruit destined for the trash. We ate a couple, but they weren’t the greatest; the season for good grapefruit has passed.

Rob picking grapefruit

2 thoughts on “Day 10, Picking

  1. Cathy Wilson

    I’d love to see that grapefruit picking device. Do they own a plot of land for the caravan? Are you going back via a different route?

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    1. Sadly, I did not get a photo of the fruit picking pole. My parents rent a lot in a park full of other trailers (bigger than caravans and technically movable, but rarely moved). It is a park for people 55 years old and older. We are headed home a different route than we came. This time we are going along the southern coast of the US. As I write this, i’m in a suburb of Houston (virtual hello to your cousin).


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