Day 9, Flowers

Mom, Rob, and I took a morning walk in the park, and checked out a little flock of black bellied whistling ducks who live in the park.  I tried to get a good photo of them. It was tricky; they kept walking away from me.

We didn’t have much planned for today, but we did make one excursion.  We drove north to the Sal del Rey salt lake. We were expecting salt flats.  We did not really see any salt flats, the lake was salty (Mom ventured through the mud to dip her finger in and taste it.). We did enjoy the flowers all along the mile walk from the parking area to the lake.  See photos below for some colorful blooms. We also kept watch for javelina, a type of wild pig. We could see trains through the underbrush that they had made, and footprints, but never did see an actual javelina.  We had a pair of turkeys cross the path in front of us, but that and some small lizards were all the wildlife we spotted.

The weather is hot here, temps in the mid 80s, so on the way back home we stopped at a Star’s Drive-in for chocolate banana milkshakes.  Yum!

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