Day 4, Azaleas

After an unpleasant night spent in a hotel room next to the party room (laughter and shouting until after mid-night) we woke early (to the annoying alarm of one of the neighbor’s phone alarms going off for several minutes at 5:45). We set out from our hotel in Little Rock with low expectations for the day. Our original plan was to spend 2 days in Little Rock, but since we didn’t find much to do yesterday, we decided to get a head start on our 9 hour drive to Austin, TX. We would drive about half-way today. We had absolutely nothing planned other than to drive to a little town called, Van, TX and then stay in another hotel for one night.

At a lunch stop at an old DQ where both the staff and the building were definitely showing their ages, we discovered the Tyler Azalea and Spring Flower Trail was taking place this weekend in the town of Tyler, TX. Tyler was just 15 minutes from our charging stop for the day, so we decided to check it out. The weather is still cool and the breeze even colder – we didn’t really pack for this weather. But the sun was out and we thought the flowers would be nice. Sure enough, this town really prides itself on its azaleas. They were in full bloom and so gorgeous! Mine never look quite as good as what we saw today. We only walked an 8 x 2 block area. The full trail is 8 miles long. The neighborhood we walked had many historic homes, from the early 1930s, and some of the roads were made of brick instead of paved. It looked like there was also a home tour going on where you could go inside some of the homes. We saw one home with a table out front and people approaching with yellow brochures and then going inside. This same house also had 2 girls standing outside dressed in antebellum costumes, complete with lace parasol. There were a couple other homes that had groups of girls in similar dress standing or lounging outside, but none of the others had tables to check tickets or people going inside. Since the homes in the neighborhood were from the 1930s I don’t quite get why the girls were dressed in antebellum style. So, it was a bit confusing. At any rate, we didn’t have tickets and the hours for the tours were almost over, so we contented ourselves with viewing the gardens, which was free.

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