Day 3, Arkansas

Our destination for today was Little Rock, AR.  We started off at the River Market. Rob thought it was going to have some cute little shops, in addition to the one shop he found called Shop the Rock that was to have local goods and brochures.  Well, Shop the Rock did have some local goods, and a handful of brochures, but it was only about as big as a good-sized walk-in closet. Full of hot sauce and honey, for the most part, neither of which I was interested in.  The rest of the shops were all food stalls. It was only 10:00am and we were still full from our donuts/fritter. So that was a bit disappointing.

The weather was cold with a chill to the wind and threatening rain.  Otherwise we might have walked a bit along the river downtown. There was a sculpture park that looked a little bit interesting.  But the weather kept us from enjoying such a walk. Instead, we headed to the State Capitol. We had such a nice time last summer at the Iowa State Capitol, so I wanted to see others on this trip.  When we got there, we couldn’t figure out where to park. The place was deserted, but all the parking spots were reserved. There were no signs saying anyone could park in them on weekends, only the reserved signs.  So, out of an abundance of caution (and because we didn’t see any welcoming open doors or the right place to enter) we parked illegally just long enough to stand on the steps out front and take a selfie.

Feeling rather disappointed with Little Rock – we hadn’t found anything else that looked interesting to do here – we headed for the supercharger.  After charging up, we drove to Boston’s Pizza for some lunch. It was pretty standard Boston’s fare, but hit the spot, nonetheless.

From here, we headed to our hotel for the night.  As we exited the freeway, we saw, parked in a parking lot, an Emergency Donut Vehicle.  It’s an old ambulance converted into a donut truck from Hurt’s Donuts. We stopped at Hurt’s twice while in Des Moines last summer and really liked their donuts.  We didn’t realize there would be one here, too. Actually, the Hurt’s location is downtown, not out here on the outskirts, so no donuts for us this afternoon. But, back to the vehicle.  It was painted to look like a chocolate frosted donut and had cute little phrases painted on all the little doors, like Emergency Jelly Pump, Vanillacillin, Long John Storage, Sprinkle Storage Bin, Maple Bacon Defibrillator, Icing Bandages.  I think finding this truck was the highlight of our day!

Now, it’s 1:00 and we’re already settled into our hotel room for the day.  It’s gray and dreary outside and the temp is dropping fast. We’ll likely take a break this afternoon and just relax from our travels.

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